Whether you’re looking for a mind blowing mind reading show or spectacular illusions in a cabaret setting; I’m sure I have a show that will be perfect for your event.

I offer two types of Cabaret show. Firstly my stand up show which includes mind reading and magic and secondly my cabaret illusion show which incorporates one or two assistants together with some pretty spectacular mid scaled illusions.
Below are some options..

Stand Up Show

My stand up show is perfect for events big and small and features some truly mind bending routines. The show has plenty of audience interaction and comedy and fuses psychological illusion and magic.

For larger audiences or clients that would like to incorporate visual magic; I can provide live video projection that captures every detail of my performance that can be seen by everyone.

Cabaret Illusion Show

My cabaret illusion show features some of the world’s most spectacular illusions that are designed to be performed in a cabaret setting. They feature either one or two assistants and can be silent or include audience interaction. It can be a direct hard hitting 10/15 minute performance or a 30/45 or 60 min show.

For a full show I include sections from my stand up show to provide a truly memorable occasion providing a well balanced performance that includes illusion, magic and mind reading.

Imagine a girl levitating right in front of you or being impaled upon a single sword (don’t worry she doesn’t get hurt). Imagine it snow appearing from my hands and then over you and the audience.

As always, every show is tailored exactly to the clients requirements and budget and if you would like to discuss your requirements please contact us using the form below where we would be delighted to assist you.

People SAY

Piers Morgan - Broadcaster

“One of the best magic acts we’ve seen”

City Times-Dubai

“On a par with the best that David Blaine could offer”

Stephen Mulhern - Television Presenter

“You’ve got a great show Sean”

ITC Secure Networking

“We LOVE Sean”

DAF Trucks

“There is no question whatsoever that the high quality and mesmerising entertainment you provided added considerable value to the whole experience”