Corporate Illusionist Magician

I have worked with many leading corporate clients from all over the world. From hosting magic on the Orient Express to assisting a Cyber Security company at the Tower of London I can add some memorable and a relevant messages to your event in addition to leaving a long lasting impression.

My 3 core skills are stage illusion, mind reading and close-up magic. I can provide one, two or all three disciplines in intimate surroundings, in a cabaret setting or on an event stage.
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Close-up Magic

Working to small groups, I perform a dazzling array of card tricks, coin tricks, and jaw-dropping illusions that will be remembered long after your event. But close-up magic is not only for smaller occasions – with the use of video cameras and large screens, I'm able to entertain large crowds with ease within one of my stage shows.

For specific information regarding my close-up magic please click the button below.

Cabaret Show

My cabaret shows can be myself performing my stand up show, featuring impossible mind reading effects and magic or mid sized illusions involving my assistants being sawn in half, impaled vanished and produced in all manner of ways.

Every show is tailored exactly to the clients requirements and budget. Please check out the Cabaret section which will provide you with further information.

Illusion Shows

My Illusion shows can be performed in a cabaret style environment, on an event stage or on a fully fledged theatre type stage.

Every show is tailored towards the clients requirements, budget and performance environment. I am extremely proud to be the UK's leading grand illusionist with a substantial repertoire that wouldn't look out of place in Las Vegas.

For further information on my illusion shows please drop us a line using the contact form or visit my grand illusion page.

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+44( 0)7765 881 894
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