Free eBooks to download!

I've written these eBooks to help you make informed decisions when looking to hire a magical performer.

It's not everyday you find yourself booking an illusionist, magician or indeed a mind reader and where do you start? Who's any good? Who is going to be reliable? Who can deliver what you want?

For many this is the first and possibly their only time booking such a performer and you need to know you are getting the right person that is right for YOUR event.

Choose the right performer who can do the job right and you will have an amazing event with amazed and astounded guests that will talk about what they've seen long after the event has finished....choose the wrong person and well it could be disastrous!

There are many types of magical performers, from kids magicians to big Las Vegas stye illusionists and everything in between.

The costs vary dramatically depending upon type, skill, profile, experience and so on.

You can download my eBooks below completely for free and they will give you a good reference point and impartial advice from my 20+ years experience in the magic business.

Hope you find them of use and if I and my team can be of any assistance then feel free to get in touch.


"How To Take Your Event To Another Level With Extraordinary Entertainment"

An insight into adding amazing magical entertainment to your event, why it works and the psychology behind it.

"Choosing The Right Illusionist For Your Event"

A guide to choosing the right performer. What to consider and what to absolutely avoid.

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