Car Dealership Launch Event Case Study

What was the opportunity?

Jacksons a luxury car dealership on the Isle of Man were looking to launch a totally new methodology of selling cars and wanted to impress 600 high net worth guests with an amazing show.

How did we respond?

This was obviously a high end opportunity where the client wanted the very best show. At Sean Alexander Productions we have a number of show types and it was obvious that the very best show featuring the larger illusions was the route to take so suggested and costed the ‘Platinum show option’.

We also recommended creating a totally bespoke and unique car metamorphosis illusion as an additional finale piece.

Following the usual and expected discussions on the costing the budgets were agreed and contract signed.

What was the process prior to the show?

It was vital to visit the site of the show and so Sean and Keith flew to the Isle of Man to meet the client and the production company. The show was to be performed at the actual car show room and therefore discussions on the staging area and show needs were discussed and agreed. It was at this point that the height of the ceiling precluded one illusion.

The manner of the metamorphosis of the car illusion were also discussed as Sean worked out how given the stage and the area, exactly how a car would appear on stage out of thin air!

Following a return to the mainland, the team was established and the drawing board idea of the car illusion was worked on bringing to life.

In a rehearsal venue not far from Norwich, Sean put his team through their paces so the entire show, including the Harry Houdini water tank were practiced until they worked faultlessly.

Naturally however the car illusion could not be worked on! 

What was the process before the show?

Illusions were delivered by road whilst Sean and his team travelled by air 3 days before the event. Part of the car showroom had been transformed into the staging area.

Rehearsals continued and the methodology for the car illusion were refined and honed with the real car.

There were as there always are issues but Sean and the team working with the client and the production company were able to get and set everything in place and overcoming all obstacles.

The show

Sean’s platinum show was a great success with many observers saying they had never seen such an amazing show. At the conclusion of the show when Sean had miraculously escaped drowning before appearing behind the audience the crowd wanted more.

They got it!

The finale was the amazing metamorphosis of a new red Porsche with the managing director that had been outside just moments earlier. Not pnly that but the car’s registration number matched a randomly created number from the audience by Sean just seconds earlier.

Post Show

The client was delighted, the audience were thrilled and all the marketing objectives for the event had been delivered. Sean’s show would be remembered for many reasons but importantly it concluded that Jacksons were indeed a magical place for buying a new car!

The post show questionnaire

At the conclusion of any show we ask our clients to rate us on a number of criteria. This is enclosed below.


Post Show Feedback Evaluation

Thank you for booking the amazing skills of Sean Alexander.

It would help us if you could complete the feedback form below.

Please can you mark the scores out of 10.

  1.  The quality of the response to your initial enquiry – 10
  1. The quality of the administration and understanding of the process – 10
  2. The solving of any question or issues that arose – 10
  3. The performance from Sean – 10
  1. Value for money – 10
  1. Would you recommend Sean – YES

If Yes is there anybody you know that would benefit from knowing what we do?

Will pass on contact details to all that enquire.


What a show, what a performer, what a team! From the manager Keith, who was a genuine pleasure to work with and took away any issues, to the stage hands who were all ultra-professional and totally committed to delivering an outstanding performance, everything was brilliantly handled.

And then there was Sean and his truly mind-blowing performance. A delight to work with, and everything was geared to our requirements. When we said we wanted our VIP guests to see something they will never have seen before, we had no idea that you would not only do this, but go way beyond even our expectations!

The main show was truly spectacular – the speed of the illusions was simply incredible and our 600 guests were absolutely dumbstruck! Even more impressive was the scale of the show – one amazing illusion followed instantly by another, and another, and another – it left you reeling! To be honest, this part of the show alone was worth every penny and left the crowd awestruck. But then the finale – making a Porsche appear on stage in front of our guests – wow! As a finale, it is hard to think of anything that could have topped that, absolutely stunning, and one of the finest illusions any of us had ever seen.

We have received hundreds of emails from our guests, most of whom made particular reference to Sean’s outstanding performance. It was an event that will be talked about for many years to come, and on behalf of Jacksons Isle of Man, we cannot thank you enough. Spellbinding, one of the great showmen of our time.

Steve Wicks – Event Organiser

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