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World class magic in the heart of East Anglia

Sean Alexander is a leading Norfolk and Norwich Illusionist, Magician and Mind Reader who has performed extensively in the region at both private and corporate functions. Sean has performed worldwide and nationally at all manner of events.
Sean is renowned for his Illusion shows and whatever you requirements, Sean can provide you with a world class show that would bring a touch of Vegas to Norfolk and Norwich. Whether you are looking for a spectacular stage show or an after dinner illusion cabaret show Sean can help. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.
If you are looking to for some after dinner entertainment that will literally leave your guests picking their jaws off the floor then Sean's stand up Mind Illusions show is for you. Sean will predict the most impossible things that only the spectator could know, he will leave the audience scratching their heads in disbelief.
Are you looking for some entertainment that will leave your guests thoroughly enteertained and amazed? If so then why not drop Sean a line to see how he can amaze, delight and entertain your guests at your party or event with his close up magic.

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