Grand Illusion show and Illusionist Act

Prepare to be astonished. Because with ‘Grand Illusions’, Sean Alexander has created a large-scale illusion show as enthralling as anything Las Vegas has to offer.

Available as short individual acts or as a full 1 or 2-hour show, ‘Grand Illusions’ is a tour-de-force of masterful illusion. Featuring large illusions, visual magic, comedy, and audience participation, it delivers laughs, danger, and bigger thrills than ever before.
As a master illusionist and performer, Sean continues to create new, imaginative acts of ‘Grand Illusion’, so the show is always fresh and full of ideas. Some of the latest acts to be included are:

Twisted Disembodied
Few grand illusions make you question what you are seeing quite like Twisted Disembodied. A new illusion, it places Sean’s assistant inside an upright cabinet. Once in place, Sean twists her head around over and over again. As he steps back, the sides of the cabinet drop open to reveal the assistant’s body and legs….but they can’t possibly be in that position, can they?

Assistant’s Revenge
Sean is shackled to an upright frame and escape looks impossible. His assistant draws a curtain around him and within the blink of an eye, their roles are somehow reversed. Your brain will tell you that moving at such lightning speed is impossible….but how else could it be possible?

Air Time
This remarkable grand illusion takes levitation to new heights. From her horizontal position on stage, Sean’s assistant lifts slowly, apparently floating in mid-air. You look on in astonishment as she continues to float upwards - 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, and still she rises, stopping only when she is 11 ft from the ground. Looking across the stage, you can see Sean in his lowly position. Is he going to bring her back down? No – he is rising too, gliding above the stage to join her. Beautifully choreographed, this impressive feat of double levitation is a truly uplifting grand illusion.
Sean has an outstanding repertoire of jaw-dropping escapology acts designed for both the stage and outdoor events. The latest addition to his Grand Illusions – Escapology range sees Sean escape from a steel box suspended high above the stage. The act begins with Sean being locked inside a steel box, his wrists securely fastened by cuffs, with chains reaching out beyond the box. Next, audience members take hold of the chains and the steel box rises upwards. The chains pull tight as they extend to capacity. They remain firm, and then suddenly fall slack. Clearly, Sean has escaped the cuffs, but what will be revealed when the sides of the box drop open?

Comedy Illusions
As a master showman, Sean appreciates the need for diversity in a show, both in terms of acts and tone. So he has developed a range of light-hearted, thrilling grand illusions that deliver magic with a smile rather than a gasp. One such grand illusion is Audience Acupuncture, in which Sean invites a spectator on stage and appears to puncture them on a bed of razor-sharp spikes. Of course, the spectator is completely unharmed.
A highly experienced magician and stage performer, Sean is renowned for his wit and affable manner. His warm personality puts the audience and participants at ease, and makes sure his comedy grand illusions are amusing and astonishing.

Sean’s large-scale ‘Grand Illusions’ are designed to be performed on stage. This makes them ideal for large venues, theme parks, cruise ships and theatre. However, Sean also offers a marvellous cabaret illusion act featuring a variety of stunning illusions, which is perfect for smaller venues and organisations working to a tighter budget.

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