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Stage Illusionist For Hire & Illusion Acts By Sean Alexander

Witness The Confusionist’s signature stage illusion shows featuring larger-than-life illusion acts that are as enthralling as anything Las Vegas has to offer!

Watch the video above to see Sean “The Confusionist” Alexander in action!

Cue the spotlight! Sean Alexander: The Confusionist is here to put on an incredible show for audiences of all ages. The impossible becomes possible right before your very eyes with Sean’s mystical prowess as the UK’s leading stage illusionist for hire. You’re in for a world of amazement as he executes astounding feats guaranteed to blow your mind and leave you in high spirits! 

Offering a Variation of Illusion Shows in the UK

box illusion from illusionist Sean Alexander

Sean Alexander offers illusion shows for a variety of occasions, settings, and venues according to your budget! Whether you need a short 15-20 minute act as part of a variety of entertainment in your program or a standard performance lasting from 30-45 minutes. Sean has a lineup of spectacular shows made to fit whatever a client’s requirements may be!

As the UK’s leading stage illusionist for hire.  The Confusionist’s in-demand illusionist shows are tailored according to your venue or the size of performance space — whether it be on stage or in a cabaret setting. From intimate illusion shows for those with a limited budget to grand Las Vegas-style illusions for those who want to large scale spectacle, find out how Sean can provide you with world-class entertainment!

Read on to find out which options are best-suited for your requirements.

Cost-Effective Magic & Illusion Shows for Limited Venue Capacities

Working on a tight budget with limited performance space? Not a problem! Sean has cost-effective solutions for your entertainment needs, namely: Solo Shows or Cabaret Magic & Illusion Shows. These are small to medium sized illusion shows that can be either performed on event staging or floor space.

If you’re working with limited logistics, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to settle for less. Sean Alexander brings his world-class performances in his Solo Shows. In these shows, Sean presents his Mind & Magic acts for a truly memorable experience.  Visit the Solo Shows page to learn more. 

For an exciting show in a cabaret setting, consider Sean’s Cabaret Magic & Illusion Shows. This option features a Mind & Magic Stand Up Show or a Cabaret Illusion Show. Looking for something engaging and interactive for your guests to enjoy? A stand-up show is perfect for you as it allows for plenty of audience interaction along with unbelievable mentalism and sleight-of-hand acts! Either that or you can also go for a visual spectacle as Sean performs mid-scale illusions with one or two assistants in his cabaret show. Visit the Cabaret Magic & Illusion Show page to learn more. 

Extravagant Magic & Illusionist Shows for Large Venues

Water Tank Illusion from Illusionist Sean Alexander

Ready to amp up the wow-factor at your event? How about large scale illusions that are beyond your imagination? Sean Alexander’s signature Grand Illusion Shows are well-suited for clients working with large venues that have a sizable stag to execute amazing feats. Grand Illusion Shows are highly recommended for those who want to spend lavishly on an extravagant show!

Witness The Confusionist’s most sought-after acts including Jet Ski Appearance, Water Tank Illusion, and the signature Double Flying Illusion. A longer show also incorporates intimate magic and mind illusions to balance out acts and engage audiences. Grand Illusion Shows are ideal for the following events:

Private Functions
Corporate Events
Gala Dinners
Product Launches
Trade Shows

Watch the video below for a preview of Sean Alexander’s amazing extravagant acts!

Ready to Entertain, Amuse, and Impress? Book an Illusion Show!

Sean Alexander’s brilliant illusion shows can leave a positive impact on the overall success of your event no matter what the occasion. Please send an enquiry to learn more about bookings and availability.  Sean Alexander is THE UK’s No 1. Illusionist for hire!

Rave Reviews:

Piers Morgan - Broadcaster

“One of the best magic acts we’ve seen”

City Times-Dubai

“On a par with the best that David Blaine could offer”

Stephen Mulhern - Television Presenter

“You’ve got a great show Sean”

ITC Secure Networking

“We LOVE Sean”

DAF Trucks

“There is no question whatsoever that the high quality and mesmerising entertainment you provided added considerable value to the whole experience”

Jacksons Car Dealership

“Spellbinding, one of the great showmen of our time”

Event Gems Logistics

“The show was amazing; a truly brilliant and magical performance”

Peel Hunt LLP

“A terrific act”


“No other illusionist will do – we’ve found the best!”

Howes Percival

“I simply can’t define: very impressive!”


“How did you do that?”

Mr A Kline - Private Client

“I am not the easiest person to please – but please us you did – and in spades”

Mr Davis - Private Client

“A great man and a very enjoyable time for everybody”

Mr D Ruparelia - Private Client

“You were the talking point of the weekend”

Mrs L Mills - Private Client

“You are a great asset to any event big or small”


“You have made our event, everyone is talking about it”

Amanda Holden - TV Personality

“How on earth?”

Julianne Hough - TV Personality

“I love your message, I love your purpose, beautiful”

Cher Lloyd - X Factor Star

“That was crazy, Incredible”

HRH Princess Michael of Kent

“You are incredible, I will have you attend the palace”

Gabrielle Union - TV Personality

“When you experience miracles up close you know they exist. Thank you”

Howie Mandell - TV Personality

“That makes you unique, that makes you loveable and that makes you a winner”

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