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1 Moment In time poster

Simon Cowell “I love magic that tells a story and I really like you”

Alesha Dixon “How the heck Sean?  I will be up all night now thinking about this!”

Following his debut sell-out tour “Illusions,”  Sean Alexander is back with a new show like no other.

Experience the mesmerising magic and mind-bending artistry of “1 Moment In Time,” a spellbinding theatrical production that will leave you questioning the very essence of your existence. Delve into a world of wonder, self-reflection, and transformation as Sean Alexander – The Confusionist, takes centre stage.

Known for his masterful illusions and unparalleled mentalism, Sean has become a luminary in the world of magic and mind reading. He has garnered critical acclaim from celebrities and royalty alike, showcasing his extraordinary talent the world over and leaving audiences in awe with every performance.

“To have Simon at a loss for words, you hit not only him, but you tugged on every one of our heart strings, along with dazzling us and making magic.  That makes you unique, that makes you loveable, and that makes you a winner tonight!”

Howie Mandel – AGT Judge & TV Personality

In this brand new thought provoking show, Sean reflects on his life and the defining moments in time that shape each and every one of us; asking the fundamental question, ‘would you change any of it?’

Don’t miss this unforgettable evening of enchantment and introspection. Book your tickets now for “Moments In Time” and join us for a theatrical event like no other!

“You’ve decided that what you’re doing has a bigger impact in the world if you can actually change peoples lives and bring them into the present! I love your message, I love your purpose, I think it’s beautiful.”

Julianne Hough – AGT Judge & US TV Personality


2ND MARCH 2024