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UK Intimate Magic Show
Sean Alexander – Close Up Magician

With his close up magic show, Sean ‘The Confusionist’ Alexander brings world-class magic ‘up close and personal’.

Close-up magic is a very engaging type of magical performance that will convince any skeptic that magic does exist! The Confusionist performs a series of acts either whilst cameras are set up so audiences can view a close-up shot of his magic through video projection or in intimate setting up close and personal. It’s a true intimate encounter for those you love to be mesmerized. A magician who cannot get the attention of his audience at such an intimate set-up, may not be worth watching at any point — a problem that you won’t have to deal with when you have Sean Alexander – The Confusionist at your event!

A Quick Look at Sean’s Intimate Magic Shows 

There are certain magic tricks that are meant for an intimate encounter. Let’s put aside making aeroplanes disappear or sawing someone in half for the moment. These are reserved for Las Vegas-style Grand Illusions. Close up magic involves card tricks, coin tricks, matchboxes and other items that are easily manipulated by hand.

The performance is a story in itself, that if you gaze away even for a second, you will get lost! Audiences fall into a trance while watching Sean with his fast-paced hand movements and misdirection skills. Regardless if he is using cards, coins or any other material for that matter, watching him perform in an intimate magic show is an enchanting moment. 

Intimate magic performances are an art form all on their own. Only a true entertainer can keep his audience as engaged as possible in this setting.  Sean “The Confusionist” Alexander, lets you experience his own brand of world-class intimate magic. He’s the man to hire if you want to see audiences gasping all throughout the performance while asking: “How did that happen?”

For every illusion that Sean performs, the audience’s child inner is awakened, waiting for what comes next. A grown person in any adult age is caught in child-like wonder as they find themselves bewildered by each magic trick. This reaction is a true testament that magic appeals to any age.

Why UK Intimate Magic is Ideal for Your Next Event, Party, or Celebration

Sean “The Confusionist” Alexander builds a connection with his audience. This immediate rapport with the audience adds flavour to the magical experience and keeps them yearning for more. There will be no dull moment at your event — only ‘oohs and ahhs’ from all corners of the room, a sound that will intrigue other guests who are excited to find out what they will be seeing next.

Intimate Magic is a great way to entertain your audience at a wedding, dinner party or gatherings. Sean’s magic will dazzle the audience leaving them with their mouths wide open. The audience is living that magical moment as they watch illusions at hand unfold.

Business & Private Events Hire – Add a magical touch to your next event!

Depending on the type of event you have, each performance can be customized for the ultimate enjoyment of the audience. Sean “The Confusionist” Alexander is a world-class performer and has catered to all kinds of audiences.  He’s always prepared to put on a remarkable show, that’s even more magical than the last, making your event the talk of the town. 

Still not convinced? Watch the video below and have a glimpse of how Sean Alexander can add life to your event.

For an engaging, puzzling and thoroughly entertaining experience of psychological magic, please get in touch.

People SAY

Piers Morgan - Broadcaster

“One of the best magic acts we’ve seen”

City Times-Dubai

“On a par with the best that David Blaine could offer”

Stephen Mulhern - Television Presenter

“You’ve got a great show Sean”

ITC Secure Networking

“We LOVE Sean”

DAF Trucks

“There is no question whatsoever that the high quality and mesmerising entertainment you provided added considerable value to the whole experience”

Jacksons Car Dealership

“Spellbinding, one of the great showmen of our time”

Event Gems Logistics

“The show was amazing; a truly brilliant and magical performance”

Peel Hunt LLP

“A terrific act”


“No other illusionist will do – we’ve found the best!”

Howes Percival

“I simply can’t define: very impressive!”


“How did you do that?”

Mr A Kline - Private Client

“I am not the easiest person to please – but please us you did – and in spades”

Mr Davis - Private Client

“A great man and a very enjoyable time for everybody”

Mr D Ruparelia - Private Client

“You were the talking point of the weekend”

Mrs L Mills - Private Client

“You are a great asset to any event big or small”


“You have made our event, everyone is talking about it”

Amanda Holden - TV Personality

“How on earth?”

Julianne Hough - TV Personality

“I love your message, I love your purpose, beautiful”

Cher Lloyd - X Factor Star

“That was crazy, Incredible”

HRH Princess Michael of Kent

“You are incredible, I will have you attend the palace”

Gabrielle Union - TV Personality

“When you experience miracles up close you know they exist. Thank you”

Howie Mandell - TV Personality

“That makes you unique, that makes you loveable and that makes you a winner”