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If you're looking to hire illusion equipment or need a magic consultant then read on. If you're looking to book an ILLUSIONIST, then please visit my grand illusionist page.

Every successful event or production needs a showpiece – a moment of excitement that grabs the audience’s attention and refuses to let go. As a master illusionist, Sean Alexander’s show is a collection of such showpieces, and now you can use them at your event, thanks to our Illusion Hire service.
Become part of the illusion with our Illusion Hire Service

With Sean’s Illusion Hire service, we can provide you with a professional illusion, along with training to incorporate this into your event or production.

Whether you appear in an explosion, vanish into thin air, or cut that annoying guy from accounts in half, you can be sure of one thing – all eyes are going to be on you. What could be better as a showpiece for your event, product launch, show or production?

The range of illusions available via our Illusion Hire service is constantly being updated as Sean develops new and exciting illusions. But some of the most popular illusions available include:

Sawing in Halves
Escapology Illusions
Illusion Appearances
Illusion Disappearances
Fire and Water Illusions
Snow Illusions

All illusions include performance rights and training from Sean Alexander or one of his technical team.

With a comprehensive range of large-scale and smaller illusions, Sean can provide you with the perfect act for your event, TV show, or film. Alternatively, if there is a particular effect you want to achieve, Sean can design an illusion to meet your requirements.
Illusion Design from ‘The Confusionist’

As a master illusionist, Sean continuously invents, develops and re-imagines illusions of all types. So if your event or production calls for a different type of illusion, Sean and his partner, Illusioncraft, have the expertise to help. As experienced designers, creators and performers of illusions, Sean and Illusioncraft can provide:

Initial consultation
Custom Design of Illusion
3D Virtualisation Drawings
Construction of illusion
Music and Video Production
Tuition Performance

Working together, they will provide you with an amazing illusion that fulfills your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

For more information on Sean’s Illusion Design or Illusion Hire services, get in touch now.

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