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Some Of Our Illusions For Hire

Here are a selection of some of our illusions which we have in stock that are available to hire.  Please note that this is not a definitive list.  Please make contact if there is something specific you are looking for.

Fire Cage Illusion

Fire cage illusion

Fire cage illusion that produces a dancer/assistant.  Has a fire wick plate that gets set on fire and blue cloth that is pulled over momentarily before the appearance happens

Assistants Revenge Illusion

Assistants Revenge

Assistants revenge illusion where the magician/performer is chained against the metal framework.  Assistant then draws curtain around and they instantly switch places as the curtain is ripped away!

Fire Spiker Illusion

Fire Spiker Illusion

A girl climbs into an angled box upon a table and the front and rear doors are closed with her hand protruding through a hole in the front door.  A set of flaming spikes are then thrust through the box and out the other side all while the assistant’s hand is on display.  The front door is then opened at the same time as the assistant pulls her hand in; instantly showing that she has vanished.  All is reversed and the girl reappears.  As a kicker ending a second girl then follows.

Clear Substitution Trunk

Clear substitution trunk

A modern clear version of the classic substitution trunk where the magician is seen to enter a clear trunk.  The assistant stands on top lifting a cloth.  She throws the cloth in the air and instantly switches places with the magician.

Levitation Illusion

Sean levitating a spectator

A self contained and extremely versatile levitation illusion that can be done either with an assistant or a spectator.  Person lays on the small table and is wrapped with a cloth.  They then proceed to levitate upwards with motion side to side.  Can be performed 360.

Ladder Levitation Illusion

Bar Mitzvah Illusion

A plank of wood is placed between 2 ladders and a small carpet rolled over the board before a spectator lays on top.  The 2 ladders beneath are then pulled out from underneath leaving the spectator levitating on the board.  A hoop can then be passed over to prove there is no means of support.

Airtime - Double Levitation

Double levitation illusion

A double levitation illusion that levitates 2 performers high in the air 12 feet from the stage floor.  One performer levitates horizontal and the second performer levitates vertically.

Floating Table Illusion

Floating Table illusion

Table floats around under the performers control.  The table has a cloth and small back on top that can hold something lightweight, such as a candle, confetti, etc.

Billboard Levitation

Levitating commuter

A levitation system that can be performed in many types of environments.  The system can be attached to a billboard to promote a brand, show, service or message and can equally be utilised in a theatrical stage setting.  Performer levitates up either in a sitting position or standing position.  Overall height is 3 meters.

Flying Box Illusion

Flying box illusion

A box is seen on a low table/riser that begins to move on its own.  The performer lifts the box to show nothing is inside.  Suddenly the heads of an assistant pops out of the top and is seen impossibly floating in the box as the magician lets go.  Box and assistant can be turned upside down before climbing out.

Smoke Appearance Illusion

Smoke Chamber Illusion

Appearance illusion that can be used as an appearance or vanish.  The entire illusion rotates on its base and at any given moment can fill with smoke.  Upon a complete rotation a performer/celebrity or VIP magically appears from nowhere.  An incredibly deceptive illusion that is very easy to learn and perform.

Large Scale Appearance / Production Illusion

A large scale production / appearance illusion that can make appear all manner of items from a jet ski or motorcycle to multiple people.  Illusion can be dressed to a specific theme.

Car Appearance Illusion

UK Illusionist | Porche Illusion on Stafe

Car Appearance illusion that can make any car appear.  Perfect for car launches, dealership events and so on.

Time & Space - Million Dollar Mystery Illusion

Time and Space million dollar mystery illusion

Designed and created by Jim Steinmeyer.  An incredibly deceptive illusion that can produce or vanish multitudes of people, transform one person to another, and so much more!  Anything that can fit inside.  Want to produce an entire cast one by one?  Vanish them? This is the illusion.  In this version the small cabinet is isolated on a riser where the cabinet can be rotated 360 on its riser proving there is no means of access to and from the box.  

Impaler Illusion

Impaler illusion

Performer is balanced horizontal upon a single sword and suspended.  They are rotated upon the sword and suddenly sink down onto the sword having been impaled.  A truly visual illusion that never fails to get gasps and screams from the audience.

Water Tank Escape Illusion

Water tank escape illusion

A completely unique and original water tank escape illusion.  Performer is locked inside a chest like water tank which sits on a high riser.  A drape is lifted for a moment as the performer attempts to escape.  Upon the drape dropping the performer has not only escaped but re-appears behind the audience.

Girl In A Box Illusion

Girl in a box illusion

Performer wheels a large box sat on a trolley out onto stage.  The performer lifts the box to show that it is light and appears empty showing clearly beneath the box.  The box can move around on the trolley as if something is inside.  When the box is lifted off the trolley an assistant is seen standing on the trolley.

Fire Blammo Box Illusion

Fire blammo box illusion

A tiny cage looking cabinet is wheeled on and the performer sets fire to the inside.  The cage door is locked and the lid is lifted off collapsing the box and revealing an assistant.

Bo Staff Illusion

Bo staff illusion in Panto

Performer/assistant climbs into a framed cabinet sat upon a low table.  The lid is closed and their hands protrude through the top.  Poles are placed through the sides where their body is.  These are removed and cabinet is compressed towards the hands of the person inside.  As the wall touches the hands, they drop down as the cabinet continues to compress past where the performer once was.  An incredibly visual and deceptive illusion!

Door Appearance Illusion

Door appearance illusion

A door in a doorframe is wheeled onto stage.  The door is opened to show that the framework is empty.  The door is closed and upon reopening a person is seen standing in the once empty doorframe.  This can easily be taught to the person appearing and is perfect way to give a magical entrance for VIP’s, etc

Flambe Appearance Illusion

Flambe appearance illusion

A table is seen on stage that suddenly sets on fire.  A cloth rises up past the fire and table. Suddenly the cloth drops and standing on top of the table is a performer in place of where the fire was.  A great appearance illusion!

Decapitation Illusion

Heads off illusion for hire

A very visual illusion where a performer sits on a chair and another performer places a cloth over their head.  A moment later the cloth and head is removed from the torso leaving the body without the head on full display with the performers hands freely moving and animating.

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