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Why You Should Be Using A Magician At Your Trade Shows

Here I delve into why magic can increase your leads substantially

Why You Should Be Using A Magician At Your Trade Shows

A trade show is the one place where a business can get access to so many potential clients regardless of how big they are on a face to face basis and level playing field.

Potential clients that perhaps have been very difficult to get close to previously via calls, emails or telephone.

The question is how do you get these prospects to stop by your stand?  Attempting to get their attention with so many others all trying to do the same thing can be a challenge, however there is a way to not only grab their attention, but hold it and even qualify them, all while being thoroughly entertained and wowed at the same time!

Magic and illusion is a powerful marketing tool that when utilised right can generate a lot of interest for a brand.

Magic is a powerful hook.  It’s a powerful  vehicle to deliver a company’s information in an exciting and amazing way.

There are many types of magicians that will offer a trade show service, however, it is important that someone with experience in this field is chosen.

Many magicians will simply offer to perform tricks and entertain passers by which is all well and good and can be entertaining, however that’s not going to educate or inform these potential prospects and isn’t going to generate quality leads.

An experienced trade show magician will not only entertain, but will educate and inform about the brand, its products and services and deliver this in a fun and entertaining presentation.

He/she will write a custom script that will tie in any key messages and phrases appropriate to the brand which will be weaved in and around the magicians magic.

This presentation would then be delivered over and over again throughout the day, building crowds each time informing and educating before qualifying.

This gives the company a number of potential clients all educated about the product or service that are ready and willing to talk to the sales team.

This is such a powerful way to generate new clients and even get back past clients that have been lost.  No other method allows a company to generate so many qualified leads at a trade show.

In addition to presenting smaller magic with a key message weaved in, there is also the possibility of revealing a particular product in a magical way.  This could be the climax at the end of the presentation which works well for new product presentations.

One particular presentation that I did for a air filter company involved taking all the components of their unique filter and placing them into a custom illusion that I designed.

Those components then ‘magically’ turned into the filter which worked incredibly well.  This educated and informed the prospects about the filter step by step in a visual and entertaining way and the process behind why it was so unique.

At the end they were able to look, touch and analyse the product knowing exactly why it was beneficial for them to have..

Trade Show Magician
Building and engaging a crowd for my client


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