mind reader


Is Sean ‘The Confusionist’ Alexander more than just a man? Could it be that he really can enter your mind and steal your thoughts? You may think so after witnessing his spectacular Mind Reading show.

As a master illusionist, Sean will perform seemingly impossible feats of telepathy, right before your very eyes. Using his vast repertoire of astounding mind-reading illusions, Sean will challenge your faith in logic and reason.

Imagine flicking through a book and picking any word at random. Within a split-second, Sean announces that exact word to everyone. You know he can’t possibly have read your mind, that there must be a technique. But how did he know which page you would open? How did he know which word you would choose?

The Confusionist’s mind-reading show doesn’t just mess with your mind. From amusing acts of apparent telepathy to the dangers of playing Russian Roulette with a spectator, Sean will toy with your emotions and leave you breathless.

Fast, exciting, and engaging, Sean’s Mind-Reading show will leave you wondering about the workings of the human mind. Are our thoughts really so predictable? Are we all more alike than we dare imagine?

For an engaging, puzzling and thoroughly entertaining experience of psychological magic, please get in touch.

People SAY

Piers Morgan - Broadcaster

“One of the best magic acts we’ve seen”

City Times-Dubai

“On a par with the best that David Blaine could offer”

Stephen Mulhern - Television Presenter

“You’ve got a great show Sean”

ITC Secure Networking

“We LOVE Sean”

DAF Trucks

“There is no question whatsoever that the high quality and mesmerising entertainment you provided added considerable value to the whole experience”